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Refractory linings for ceramic kilns

Made-to-measure wall, roof and kiln car bricks for the heavy clay industry

Cerámica Campo manufactures hollow refractory bricks by an extrusion process that uses vacuum and high pressure. Our products are used for low thermal mass and high mechanical and thermal performance in ceramic kilns.

high quality raw materials

High quality raw materials

Cordierite clay from our own quarries with a special mix of chamottes and additives

dry milling

Dry milling

Dry grinding processes reduce the particle size prior to produce high density pieces

extrusion process

Extrusion process

Hollow pieces obtained by extrusion in vacuum, under low humidity and high-pressure conditions

custom pieces

Custom pieces

We have the capability to provide customized extrusion and extreme precision grinding

high performance

High performance

Refractoriness of up to 1,400°C (2,552 °F) for operating temperature and short cycle: 9 hours from cold to cold


More than 500 references for ceramic factories around the World in the last 40 years