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Refractory bricks for wall, roof and kiln cars

The demand for our long-lasting, cutting-edge high-performance products has earned us an extensive client portfolio. Due to their complex requirements, our wall, ceiling and tunnel kiln car hollow pieces are still produced bespoke.

Cerámica Campo has provided dimensional accuracy offering extreme precision and flatness for more than 500 refer­ences worldwide. Our extrusion process allows for flexibility in piece design and an improved range of order sizes in comparison with the mold process.  

For kiln engineering professionals

Our special manufacturing process guarantees  a complete range of long life, low maintenance, energy efficient and easy-to-assemble refractory bricks for all product combinations, firing systems, firing temperatures or firing cycles.

Cerámica Campo designs and produce tiles and brick systems for heavy clay industries around the world. Kiln engineering professionals rely on our products for high performance plants.

For 40 years, our engineering team has been working with designers of heavy clay ceramic kilns for clay brick and roofing tile plants, as reliable providers of components for kiln constructors, project managers and comprehensive service providers.

Since 1993, Cerámica Campo has worked with Forgestal in a strategic partnership for project development. The engineering partner based in Barcelona provides product design and engineering, commissioning and customer services.

Refractory clay campo brick 4

Refractory linings for kiln cars

Cerámica Campo produces kiln car pieces in high refractory clay. Our deck tiles, border bricks, shaped slabs, hollow supports and viaduct bricks are designed to withstand high mechanical loads and extreme temperature changes.

Piece design can always be adapted to co-exist with legacy linings in the case of the partial or progressive renewal of existing kiln cars. Design and supply of chassis can also be included in our complete turnkey service.

Refractory clay campo brick 0

Refractory linings for kiln roofs

Our modular design can be adapted to kiln builders’ specific requirements and is also easy to use for partial repairs of damaged roofs.

  • Integrated protection of refractory hangers against contact with the kiln atmosphere preventing damage from chemical attack, always present in kilns to a greater or a lesser degree.
  • Optional “double leaf” design, allowing for easy replacement of damaged facing leaf in cases of extremely severe chemical attacks, as well as in the case of high-alkali clays.
  • Simple and easy to assemble metal hanger system that, combined with precision refractory hangers, allows for easy and precise assembly without the need for individual adjustments.
Refractory clay campo roof 0

Refractory linings for kiln walls

Cerámica Campo produces standard bricks for kiln walls and a wide range of special pieces including anchor bricks, expansion joint bricks, peep hole bricks and labyrinth plates.

With a hollow, insulated design, the refractory wall systems help to reduce the total thickness of kiln walls with metallic or ceramic outer casings.  

Two versions are available for free-standing or load-bearing walls, both of which can be fitted with the “double leaf” and/or airtight design option. In the case of the free-standing walls, the interlocked design of wall component parts allows for an extremely simple stabilizing system, eliminating the need for refractory anchors.

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